Spring Flowers in Mrs. Jones' Yard
April 2, 2005

Put your mouse over each photo for the plant name.

hyacinth in dark corner is in full bloom Bleeding Heart plant
Pompay investigates the noises. teenage daughter is smiling
daffodils on the edge of the woods daffodils next to the pinwheels
one lone crocus survives under the azaleas one of four forsythia blossoms
Nemo started grooming then heard a noise next door. What happened here?
Another daughter, bored over spring break, revives a childhood fort. hosta near the living room
strawberry geranium An anthill emerged near the strawberry geranium. The white things in the dark hole are eggs.
The dead leaves around the new growth were from last year. This plant will grow real tall by this summer. This white flowered plant is abundant in our yard and woods right now. The result of living on the north side of a hill:3 mosses and an ajuga

April 7, 2005
We had some warm days this week.

The Bleeding Heart plant near the house started blooming yesterday. Bleeding Heart plant daffodils on the hill All the blossoms are opening up. Grape Hyacinth Pompay attacks Nemo!

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