The Lost Tooth Song
Tune: The Farmer in the Dell
Song and idea found here:
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When a child loses a tooth at school, or at home the night before, we sing the “Lost Tooth” song. The class stands in a circle and the child with the missing tooth walks around with their mouth open so we can admire the empty space.

(Child's name) lost a tooth.
(Child's name) lost a tooth.
Smile at us so we can see,
(Child's name) lost a tooth!

The celebration only takes a few minutes, then the child writes their name on a large tooth shape labeled with the current month. I prefer this to graphing who lost a tooth because I found that some children can be sensitive about the fact that they have not lost a tooth yet by the end of kindergarten.

I also give the child a little necklace with a plastic chest that opens up to hold a tooth. When we talk about Dental Health I send one home with each child, just to be sure they all get one.

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