Mrs. Whitehead's Song
Tune: It's Howdy Doody Time
written by Mrs. Whitehead

Let's have some fun today,
We'll make some letter sounds
And yell, "We're reading bound!"

It's Mrs. Whitehead's time.
We're gonna READ and RHYME!
We read so many things.
We sound out words and things.

We'll hear our letter sounds.
Then blend them all around.
To make a brand new word.
It's great to know the word!

We'll learn to punctuate.
We'll get our numbers straight.
We'll see a book and then
Ask them to read again!

The stories are so fun!
We learn 'bout everyone.
We listen carefully,
And answer honestly.

We have our Show & Tell.
We learn to cut as well.
We paste and glue our words.
Parents are proud as birds!

Our joy is everywhere!
We sing and dance and share!
Kindergarten is so much fun!
It's great for everyone!

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