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If you have the time, scroll down this amazing list of links to printable books online for free. If you want to find something specific, press "control" and the letter "f" on your keyboard, then type a "keyword" in the box that appears. Click on "find" and you will go to the first occurance of the word on the page. To make the box appear again, press "control" and the letter "f" and hit "find next" to go to the next occurance. Repeat until you get to the bottom of the page.

Book Plates

Book Bin Labels


Books to Download, Print, Assemble and Read
If you subscribe you get access to lots more leveled books.

DLTK's Mini Books to Print
Individual Alphabet Letters and Spanish Mini Books
Fruit, Homes, Halloween, Christmas, Mommy Bird, Mommy, Daddy, Spring
I Live on a Farm   Plus Custom Mini Books to make for Boys or Girls

There are free printable mini books and worksheets at the Starfall website
about the short and long vowels and vowel digraphs.

Printable Mini Books for Every Letter
Alphabet Activities and Printables

Garfield the Cat Alphabet Books

Garfield the Cat Emergent Readers and Altered Readers
Odie's Word Game and Flashcards
On the Farm, In the Park, And the Tiger, At the Gym

Garfield the Cat Think Aloud Stories

Itsy Bitsy Alphabet Books: fold, cut, refold into a small 8 page book
Assembly Directions

Make your own calendars, alphabet, and counting books with your own digital pictures!

Hubbard's Cupboard Booklets
Shared Reading Booklets, Sight Word Booklets and Word Family Booklets
The Very Hungry Caterpillar    The Mitten    The Snowman    In Winter
What Can We Do in the Snow?    The Hearts    People Who Help
Count With the Cat in the Hat    Tails    At the Farm    Dinosaurs
Bugs    Seeds    Your Garden    What Hatches?    Spring

Many Thematic Emergent Readers
apples, pennies, elephant, fall, frog, ice cream, olympic, pumpkin, seasons, teeth
Kitty's Week, Mrs. Wishy Washy, Little Red Hen, Bear Hunt, 3 Little pigs, more

Emergent Readers on the Internet arranged by subject/topic/theme
Itty Bitty Word Books
a   at   and   be   by   can   go   have   I   in   is   it   like
love   me   my   no   on   the   to   up   we   you   she   he
Itty Bitty Books - topic and alphabet books

Many Books to Read Online or Print

Leveled Printable Books: Grades 1-4+
(animals, sea creatures, first readers, coloring books and activity sheets)
Book List
Alphabet Books and Flashcards for each letter

Search her new website:
Cherry Carl's MiniBooks for Beginning Readers

Word Family MiniBooks

Primary Success Mini Books
Free Books The list changes periodically.
The Scarecrow
My Fall Leaves
Stick Bugs    Spring Things 2005
The Easter Bunny Song

Free Bible Story MiniBooks

Environmental Print MiniBook    Free Little Books
My Aunt Came Back, Here is a Bunny, Jack-O'Faces, Five Little Monkeys and more

You have to register to get these books but it's free.
Insect Book, Strange Beaks, The Alphabet, Mixed-Up Animals and more
Learning Page Vacabulary Books
Animals, Plants, Sports and Exercise, Going to School,
At Home, and In the Kitchen

Little Book Ideas
Colors, Monster Houses, Little Elf (senses), Jack-O-Happy, Number Book,
If You Meet a Dragon, A Number of Dragons, Dots (numbers and colors)

Preschool Printables
Camp Out   At The Seashore   Number Book

Emergent Reader Mini Books and Sight Word Books
Get Ready for School, Halloween, Zoo, What I Can Do, Things I Like to Eat
Buttons, I Eat, People I See, The, On The Farm, When You Meet a Turkey,
Weather Words  Mitten in the Snow  Christmas Senses  Our Friend, Martin
We're Going to the Farm    Here's a Little Groundhog    Snowflakes
Presidents    One a Penny    Yellow Daffodil    I Ride the Bus
Moms and Their Babies    The Cat in the Hat    Itsy Bitsy Seedling
I'm Glad I'm Me    Itsy Bitsy Monkey
Gingerbread Man Book    There's a Hole in Your Smile

Rhyming Emergent Reader and Rhyming Cards for: ack, op, ing, ide, ay

Scholastic Mini Books and Reproducibles
You need to select the grade level and subject you want.

Rebus Stories

Links to Online and Printable Books for Children

Links to Online Stories for Kids and Teens

A Collection of Short Stories for Children

Books that have been adapted using the Picture Communication Symbols (PCS)
and the Mayer-Johnson program BoardMaker (c)

Color Book

Colors in My World

My Book of Numbers

A Patriotic Book

My Money Book

School Fun Activity Pack

Back to School Booklet

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

My Fall Leaves Number Book

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Big Book, Emergent Reader and Links

Apple Faces    Splendid Shapes    Christmas Tree Cutie

Farm Animals: Mothers and Their Babies

Mrs. Wishy Washy Ideas   Emergent reader   Not Again
Sing the Wishy Washer Woman Song.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

Read The Kissing Hand on the first day of school.

Mini Books: Me and My Family, My Tooth Book and My Body
More A to Z Teacher Stuff Printable Books

My Leaf Book
(My kids love making this book! They especially love guessing how many pennies it will take to sink their leaf then counting as they put the pennies on. They remember how many it took -all year long!)
Find a leaf. Do experiments with it and record your answers in your book.

Fall Books to Make
Fall Leaves, The Scarecrow, Halloween Night, My Bat Book and What is Black?

Big-Eared Bat MiniBook
By this time of year we have learned several words
and use highlighters to find them on each page of this book.
We also learn that some bats use echolocation to catch insects
and that they have 4 fingers and a thumb like us!

Stapleless - My Itsy Bitsy Bat Book - print 1 page, fold, cut, refold

Fall Counting Book

My Halloween Counting Book

Thanksgiving, Spider, Santa, Valentine, Butterfly Patterns,
Leprechaun, Chicka Chicka, Kissing Hand Game, Spring Books

Search her new website:
Red School, Red School

Apple Goodness Book

Twas the Night Before Christmas MiniBook

Brown Reindeer, Brown Reindeer

My Christmas Rhyme Book

Winter Words MiniBook

Seasonal Emergent Readers
Spring Emergent Reader

6 Little Winter Books
Christmas Lights, Here is Santa, I Can See Christmas,
My Snowman, The Polar Express, Snowman, Snowman

Train Patterns with lines

Here is Santa    Christmas Lights    I Can See Christmas    I See Hanukkah
Snowman, Snowman   My Snowman   Wake Up, Groundhog!   Counting Valentines

Valentine Color Emergent Reader: need an envelope for each page

I See Christmas     How Many Hearts

Martin Luther King, Jr, K-2 Reader

My Groundhog Book

Groundhog Emergent Reader

Happy Teeth Book

Have You Seen My Pot of Gold?

Class Books

Class Book Letter - suggestions to include with the book:
* This is a special book written and illustrated by our class. You may want to add why we made the book (rhyming, beginning sounds, the story that we read and got our inspiration from, etc.) Please take some time tonight to look at it with your child. Encourage your child to "read" it to you.

* Be sure to ask a few questions when you are finished. (list some question ideas)

* As this is an irreplacable treasure, please keep our book away from food, drinks, pets, or younger siblings. Everyone is anxious to have a turn to take our book home to share with their family. Please return it tomorrow. Happy Reading!

* Include a class list so they can check off their name after their turn.

Kim's Collection of Kid-Made Books
Dinosaur, Mail, 100, Valentine, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Pizza, Frog,
Alphabet, Potato, Wonderful World, Alligator Pie, Hat, Sunflower,
Snake, Taco, Egg, Foot, Butterfly, Scarecrow, Orange, Rainbow, Gingerbread

Class Book Ideas

Class Books by Kim

Dr. Jean Book Ideas
The Bag Book, What's for Breakfast, The Playdoh Book, The Cracker Jack Book
Who Let the Letters Out Game, Give Yourself and Oreo and more

Class Books: Main Site
Scroll down the menu on the left for lots of ideas for making class books.
Back to School, Alphabet, Class Books, Math,
Dr. Jean Big Books, Jack Hartmann Big Books, Glyphs

Book Projects

Fun Books to Make

Foldable Books
The 3 Tab, The Booklet, The Tri-Fold, The 4 Door, The Diamond 4 Door,
Circle Inlay, Diamond/Octagon, Isosceles Triangle, The Panorama,
The Six Door, and The Volcano Shape

How to Make a Pop-Up Book

Jigsaw Book!/jigsaw%20book.pdf

Mini-Books, Flaps, Flapbooks, Folds and More!
How to make mini-books and flaps of all kinds for use in Portfolders

Flip Book Template

Links to Mini-Books, Flaps, and Student Folder Websites

Accordian, Coffee Filter, Envelope, Flip, Library Pocket
One Sheet, Origami, Paper Bag, PopUp, Star, Tag and More!

Check out this list of free printable lapbooks!
Lapbooking Resources and Templates

Lapbook Templates

Lapbooking Photos, Ideas and Templates

Templates that you can use to make custom cards, envelopes, and boxes

Lapbooks and How to Make Books - Links

Learn N Folders and short movies to make some books

Fill in the Template to Make Your Own Stapleless Book
Prints 8 small pages on one sheet of paper.

How to Fold a One Sheet Book

Mini 12 Page Book
Instructions    Template

Make a Paper Bag Book

Accordion Books

Funny Faces Book - Head Pattern

Make Your Own Books: Who Am I? Book, Hot Dog Booklet, Accordion Book,
Index Card Book, Wish Scroll, Stick and Elastic Band Book

Creative Books to Make    Directions in .pdf
Circle Books, Pop Up Books, Book in a Box, Envelope Books and more

Envelope Book

Flip Books

Coloring Pages and Blackline Drawings
You can use coloring pages or blackline drawings to make your own books.

Coloring Pages Search Engine
Ivy's Links to .pdf Coloring Books
Lots of categories! Animals Boy Stuff Buildings Colors Food Girly Things History Holiday
Letters & Numbers Months Music Nature People Religious Sports Toys Transportation
Blackline Coloring Pages   Handwriting and Printing Practice Worksheets

Thematic Printables, Activities, Games, Crafts, Easy Songs, and Online Games
Ants, Authors and Characters, Bats, Bears, Birds, Butterflies, Character Education and Manners, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, Dinosaurs, How to Draw, Easter, Egypt and Mummies, Spanish Words, Farm, Fire Safety, Grandparent's Day, Groundhog Day, Halloween, Hibernation, 100 Days, Insects, Kites, Math, Mice, The Mitten, Money, Myself, I Am Special, New Year's, St. Patrick's, Penguins, Pets, Plants and Seeds, Puzzles, Recipes, Science, Sea Stars, Dr. Seuss, Sharks, Sing Along Songs, Spiders, Thanksgiving, Trees, Valentine’s Day, Weather, Winter, Word Activities and Zoo Animals

Almost 400 Free Coloring Pages
animal, dinosaur, nature, ocean, holiday, sports, seasonal, more
Most of the coloring pages have educational possibilities to implement in your classroom or home.

Free Coloring Pages and Printables
animals, buildings, countries, crafts, fantasy, foods, holidays, music,
nature, people, school, social studies, sports and transportation

School Things Coloring Pages

Activity and Coloring Books to Make

Coloring Pages for Cartoon Characters, Seasons and Holidays, Animals and more

Coloring Pages: Alphabet, Circus, Community Helpers, Dental, Sports,
Fruits and Vegetables, Transportation, Flowers, Trees, Holidays and more

Alphabet Coloring Book

Animals, Food, Holidays, Seasonal, School Mascots, School, Recreation, More
ClipArt and Coloring Pages

Holiday and Sports Coloring Pages

Links to Famous Character Coloring Pages

Sports Coloring Pages


Simple Blackline Shapes and Patterns

Rainforest Animals Coloring Book

Wild About Watermelons Activity Book

Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Coloring Book

Emotions Journal

My Book of Halloween and Shapes

Free Police and Safety Coloring and Activity Pages

Let's Have Fun with Fire Safety: Exty and Hydro's 24 page Activity Book

16 page Fire Safety Book

8 page Color and Learn Sesame Street Fire Safety Book

10 page Counting Book - Lively Butterflies
Color   Blackline

Dora the Explorer Books
(on the bottom left are more books to choose from)

Star Student Book

Make a Shape Book
Sports, Nature and Insect Shaped Books

Shape Book Patterns: 36 shaped pages with or without lines

More Shapes to write on with lines

Blackline Drawings:
Kids and things in their bedroom
Kaleidoscope, Patterns and Stained Glass Drawings

Monthly Holiday Clip Art

Blackline Drawings Clip Art Gallery
student    seasons and holidays    fun and games    teacher

Blackline Drawings of Animals, Insects, Cartoons, more!

Categorized Black Line Pictures to Color
Animals, Insects, Holidays, TV Shows, Movies, Cartoons, Machines and more

Simple Blackline Drawings

Lil-Fingers Coloring Pages
Numbers, Alphabet, Winter, Flags, Shapes, Small Words, Time and more

Lots of Links to Coloring Pages

Thematic Coloring Books

The American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Coloring Book
Hurricanes, Floods, Winter Storms, Tornadoes, Fires,
Thunderstorms, Earthquakes and Natural Disasters

28 page ABC Farm Book (Crops Grown in California)

Farmer's Market Coloring Book

Kid's Gardening Guide

Safety Around Dogs Booklet

Dog Activity Sheets for Children

Free LYSOL® Healthy Habits Activity Booklet

Tornado Coloring Book

A Winter Holiday Alphabet Book

Earth Day Activity Booklet

23 pages of sample workbook pages

Mrs. Jones' Room    Worksheets and Printables