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Oreo Cookie Penguin

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Kid's Corner: Word Search and Make a Rockhopper Penguin Mask

Information and Pictures

Polar bears live way up north,
Keenly pacing back and forth.
Penguins wisely live down south,
Far from every Polar mouth.

The Penguin Cam

Way Cool Photos of Penguins!
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National Geographic's Info on Emperor Penguins

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Penguin slide show, quiz, habitats, fact treasure hunt and learning activities

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Pete and Barb's Penguin Pages
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Real Life Penguin Measurements

Little Blue Penguin      16 inches

Emperor Penguin      3 feet 9 inches

Macaroni Penguin      2 feet

Chinstrap Penguin      30 inches

Adelie Penguin      2 feet

King Penguin      3 feet

Surf The Net With Kids Penguin Links

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Songs and Poems

I'm a Little Penguin
Tune: I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little penguin on the ice.
I think the cold is very nice.
I can slide around
First once, then twice.
I think ice is very nice.


Up On The Iceberg
Tune: Up on the Housetop

Into the ocean, penguins go.
They spy the seals way down below.
Zip through the water with no delay
Zigzagging penguins swim away.
Oh, oh, oh, Go penguins go!
Oh, oh, oh, Go penguins go!
Leap to the iceberg, quick, quick, quick!
Back to the rookery to feed your chick!


The Penguin
The penguin's a bird that cannot fly
But can swim like a torpedo.
And on the ice
It looks nice
Dressed in his tuxedo.


All Dressed Up
Penquins dressed up in black and white
really make a fancy sight!
Sometimes I get dressed up, too.
I wear ___    _________and look like new!


I Know a Little Penguin
Tune: I'm a Little Teapot

I know a little penguin
Who sat on some blocks
He swam in the ocean
And he climbed on some rocks
He snapped at a seagull
He snapped at a seal
He snapped at a fish
Oh, what a meal!


I'm a Little Penguin
Tune: I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little penguin
Round and fat
Here is my beak,
Here is my hat.
Winter days are coming,
Hear me shout,
"Please don't toss
My mittens out!"


I'm a Little Penguin
Tune: I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little penguin,
Black and white.
Short and wobbly,
An adorable sight.
I can't fly at all,
but I love to swim.
So I'll waddle to the water
And dive right in!


Two Little Penguins
Poem: Two Little Blackbirds

Substitute children's names for_______.

Two little peguins sitting on the ice.
Slide away______! Slide away_______!
Come back______! Come back______!


The Penguins On the Ice
Tune: Farmer in the Dell
Written about Emperor Penguins

The penguins on the ice
The penguins on the ice
Hi-ho the water's cold
The penguins on the ice.

The verses are:
The penguin lays an egg...
The egg hatches soon...
A baby penguin is born...
The baby hides under his mother...
The baby grows up tall...
Life cycle starts again!


I'm a Little Penguin
Tune: I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little penguin
In the sea.
I can swim as fast as can be!
When I catch a fish, just look at me.
I'm as proud as I can be.


Six little penguins off an iceberg did dive,
One bumped his beak, then there were five.
Five little penguins swam the ocean floor,
One saw a whale, then there were four.
Four little penguins spun around, whee-ee!
One spun off, then there were three!
Three little penguins, with nothing to do,
One went fishing, then there were two.
Two little penguins, having lots of fun,
One fell off, then there was one.
One little penguin, when the day was done,
Went home to sleep, then there were none


Penguin Thoughts

Have you ever seen penguins in picture books?
I always smile when I see their looks.
They look like men in their fancy suits,
all black and white from head to boots.
I often wonder when it snows,
Do they freeze their little penguin toes?
Do they shiver and shake in their land of ice?
Sitting on icebergs CAN'T BE NICE!


Three Little Penguins

Three little penguins dressed in white and black.
Waddle, waddle forward and waddle right back!

Three little penguins, in a funny pose,
They are wearing their evening clothes.

Their suits are black and their vests are white,
They waddle to the left and they waddle to the right.

The Penguin
Roxanne Williams

I am a bird you know quite well,
All dressed in black and white.
And even though I do have wings
They're not designed for flight.

I waddle, waddle, waddle,
On my funny little feet.
Across the icy snow I go
To find a fishy treat!


The Penguin That Couldn't Fly

I saw a penguin.
He walked right by.
He had a tear in his eye.
I heard him cry and softly sigh,
Oh I wish I could fly.


Penguin Parade

Waddle, waddle, waddle
From side to side
Penguins go a-walking
Slip, slip slide, slide.
With a funny jump
The penguins dash
Down to the water
Splash! Splash! Splash! Splash!
Waddle from the water
With a rock n' roll
Penguins go parading
On a wintry stroll.


I'm a Little Penguin
Tune: I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little penguin
Black and white,
Short and wobbly
An adorable site.

I can't fly at all
but I love to swim,
So I'll waddle to the water
and dive right in!


Have You Ever Seen a Penguin
Tune: Have you Ever Seen a Lassie

Have you ever seen a penguin? a penguin? a penguin?
Have you ever seen a penguin swim this way and that?
Swim this way and that way and this way and that way?
Have you ever seen a penguin swim this way and that?
(make swimming motions with arms)

Repeat, substitute "swim" with "slide" (make sliding motions with arms), "waddle" (take tiny steps, swinging body from side to side)and "dress" (boys bow and girls curtsy)


Ten Little Penguins
Tune: Ten Little Indians

One little, two little, three little penguins,
Four little, five little, six little penguins,
Seven little, eight little, nine little penguins,
Ten little penguin chicks.





Parading penguins
Each one soon
Nesting on the cold
Ground with stones
Underneath and
In between for a
Nest. It is
Spring in Antarctica.


Percy Penguin
Catherine Y. Hongey

Percy Penguin looks so proper,
In his long black tails,
Stiff white shirt, and neatly grommed,
Correct in all details.
He's so important, chest way out,
As he pitters patters by,
But here is something very funny--
He forgot his TIE!


A Penguin
(Children are standing)
A penguin when he goes somewhere,
(waddle from side to side)
Will walk or swim; here's why:
(waddle first, then "swim")
Although he has two bird-like wings,
(hold up two fingers)
He simply cannot fly!
(tuck hands into armpits and "flap" wings)


I Met a Penguin

I met a penguin yesterday
So jolly, fat and fine.
I pinned a red heart on his chest,
And named him "Valentine".


Meish Goldish

I know a bird
That cannot fly:
Penguin is its name.
It cannot fly,
But it can swim
With speed that wins it fame!

I know a bird
That lives on ice
And waddles by the sea.
It looks so cute
In its black and white suit,
As handsome as can be!


In Praise of Penguins
Robin Bernard

These funny birds in fancy clothes
may waddle in the snow,
but when they reach the icy sea
Just watch how fast they go!
Their song sounds like a donkey's bray,
they cannot soar or fly,
yet penguins manage very well,
and let me tell you why...
Their feathers keep out water,
their blubber keeps out cold,
their wings make perfect paddles
because they do not fold!
Their tales are good for steering,
they brake with both their feet-
So tell me now, from all you've heard...
Aren't penguins NEAT?


Helen H. Moore

The penguins' habitat
is freezing-
You'll like it there
If you don't mind sneezing.
(I, myself, don't find it pleasing.)


Penguin Songs and Poems

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