Choosing a Pet from
Before you choose a pet you need to think about why you want a pet, how much space you have, how much exercise it needs, where it will live, what it eats and what special care it needs.

2,000 Dog Names

How to Greet a Dog

Safety Around Dogs Booklet

Activity Sheets for Children

Dog Coloring Book

Dog Printouts

Dog Projects

Delightful Dog Card

2,000 Cat Names

Cat Printout

Make a Cat Mask

Cat Projects

Cute Cat Card

For Parents

Critter Clinic

Resources for Pets and Animals/

Dog Breed Selector
Cat Breed Selector

Pet Guides and Tools

Guide to Parrots and Exotic Pet Birds

Pet Bird Care and Information


Pet Education Health Care, Training,
Behavior and Diseases of Dogs and Cats

CyberPet Pet Information

How To Train Your Cat

Google Search for pets.

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