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The Delaware County Teachers' Resource Center
located in the DCIU Education Center
200 Yale Ave, Morton, PA opened July 12, 2005!

Typed by Scott Hegman and shared with the teachers at Lakeview School:
Printable Life Skill Posters
Printable Lifelong Guideline Posters

Lifeskill Nursery Rhymes
We introduce a new lifeskill at our school's Monday Morning Meeting then point it out whenever we see it occur during the week whether or not the child is in our own class. In addition to reading stories about the lifeskills, nursery rhymes offer another chance to talk about a lifeskill and to play around with the words using the Magic 7 Literacy Links.

I have A. Who has B? Letter Game
You can play this game with shapes and colors.
The cards have a top and bottom, with a line draw in the middle.
The top of the card says:
"I have a...."
(picture of a blue triangle)
The bottom of the card says:
"Who has a...."
(picture of a yellow square)

b and d reversal poster
Here's the reasoning: You pick up the bat first then hit the ball so make a straight line for the bat then make the circle for the ball (also bat and ball begin with b.) You need to turn the doorknob first then open the door so make the circle for the doorknob then a straight line for the door (also doorknob and door begin with d.)

Blank Writing Paper

Just Play
The Importance of Playing

Read to Your Child Poem

Tricky Teen Chant
Tricky Teen Chant Posters

The Listening Song
EMail me if you want a Give Me 5 Poster to go along with the song.
It's a Word document and is about 3 megs.

How to Find Specific Topics on the Links Pages
Many websites overlap categories so if you want to find something specific, press "control" and the letter "f" on your keyboard, then type a "keyword" in the box that appears. Click on "find" and you will go to the first occurance of the word on the page. To make the box appear again, press "control" and the letter "f" and hit "find next" to go to the next occurance. You may have to retype your word in the box. Try your search using different words such as "alphabet" and "letter." This may not work in all browsers.

Free Printable MiniBooks, Emergent Readers, Theme Books, Alphabet Books

Word Families
The first link is incredible! Better get a fresh printer cartridge ready!
There are pictures to sort, wordlists, word building mats, and lots more!

Language Arts, Math, Writing Links to Printables

Thematic Links to Printables and Activities
Click on a theme name to go to printable activities, games, crafts, easy songs,
online games and activities or websites with photos or illustrations.