Hot Spots Reading Strategy

Hot Spots

You will need WORD to open the document.

There are 2 charts on each page. Print and laminate one for each child. You will need post-it "flags" in the 4 colors: red, blue, green, and yellow, or you can buy the color circle stickers and place each color spot on a small post-it note. The flags or spots are placed on the laminated chart so they are ready to be used while reading. The flag is placed on the page so it sticks out and the child can quickly turn to the part he/she wants to share.

Last year, Kindergarten introduced the red and blue spots during the second half of the year. First grade used the red and blue spots at the beginning of the year and introduced the green and yellow spots once the children were reading for comprehension. The second grade and on up used all 4 color spots from the beginning of the year.

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