Mrs. Whitehead's
Round-Up News

Words We Are Learning
Phonemic Awareness Activities For Kindergartners
How to play with words and sounds during everyday life the car, in the bath, waiting for appointments, in line, etc.

Tips for Parents from Mrs. Brooks
Do you know why reading to your child is important?
50 Fun Ways to Improve Reading
Here are some guidelines to help your child learn to write.
from the United States Department of Education
Guys Read is a literacy program
to connect boys with books they will want to read.
Mrs. Whitehead made "word family" lists.
See how many words your child can read.
Sing Along to
The Punctuation Song by Mrs. Whitehead
Summer Reading and Writing Suggestions
by Mrs. Whitehead
Ridley's Early Childhood Education Program is a Winner!

Mrs. Whitehead's Reading Round-Up News 2000 - 2001
Mrs. Whitehead's Reading Round-Up News 2001 - 2002

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