Kindergarten - Parent Outreach Program
Spring Screening and Kdg Battery

Sorry, due to the lack of help this year,
I don't have time to keep up with this page.

Administration of Assessments
Official K-POP and Kdg Battery Rubrics Feb 28, 2008
Teacher Made 1 page K-POP and K Battery Rubric: coming
Desired K-POP and T3 Performance Levels

EMail from Dona Lerew on Mon, 12 May 2008:
Procedure for entering 07-08 K-POP scores into Power Grade

1. (+10) Early Literacy Behaviors F & P p. 235-237 using
"Things I Like to Do" by Gloria Bancroft.

2. (+52) Letter Recognition F & P p. 230-233

3. (+26) Sound SymbolAssessment

4. (+21) Number Recognition 0-20

5. (+21) Number Concepts 0-20
Use counters for children to show each number as named from the number recognition.

6. Writing Sample - Give the child a piece of blank white paper. Ask him/her to draw a picture and write about it on the paper. Use the Conventions of Writing Developmental Scale to score the writing. Record the score on the student sample, label it with the student name, date it, and include it with the record forms for that student.

Individual Summary Form
for the K-POP/K Battery and Phonological Awareness Assessments.
Class lists will not be entered into PowerSchool until August
so this form may be used to record the scores from the spring screening.

Optional Teacher Made Recording Sheets
for the Required Assessments

1. Early Literacy Behaviors F & P p. 235-237 using
"Things I Like to Do" by Gloria Bancroft.
(2/28/08 added space for the date and optional questions in parentheses

2. Letter Recognition Recording Sheet
Places to record 4 times.

3. Sound Symbol Association Recording Sheet
Places to record 6 times.

4. 0-10 Number Id, 0-10 Number Concepts, Colors and Shapes Recording Sheet
Places to record 6 times.

5. 11-20 Number Id, 11-20 Number Concepts, 21-31 Number Id Recording Sheet
Places to record 6 times.

6. none

Optional Assessments

1. Teacher Made Conversation Form and place to tape the cutting sample. You can trace around the lid of a quart container from Won Ton soup on half of a piece of 9x12 construction paper.

2. Teacher Made Personal Information - address, phone, and birthday

3. Color and Shape Assessment

Parent Handouts at the Screening

Checklist of Skills
Skills Packet of Activities that match the Checklist

Optional Screening Binder

Sound Symbol Letter Recognition vertical
Sound Symbol Letter Recognition - horizontal
Upper Case Letters
Lower Case Letters
0-10 Number Identification     0-10 PDF (added 2/21/08)
11-20 Number Identification     11-20 PDF (added 2/21/08)
21-31 Number Identification     21-31 PDF (added 2/21/08)
Shapes circle, rectangle, triangle, square, oval, diamond/rhombus (only the first 4 are required)

Teachers may be interested in downloading this font:
A textface that has the look of a primer worksheet for teaching handwriting.
Print Clearly is available in three styles Regular, Dashed and Bold.

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