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Exercise Your Brain
Do an activity a day during the summer!
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Wasn't our musical program fun to watch?
Thanks Miss Octaviano! Thanks to Mrs. Myers for all the sparkly stars!

Thank you to the grownups who helped on Insect Day!
After several helper cancellations, Lakeview School practiced one of our
Life Skills: "We help others."
The following classes become part of the fun and played some games with us!
Mrs. Lamberson's 2nd grade played the La Cucaracha Card Game
Mrs. Loftus' 3rd grade played Box the Bug!
Mr. MacCloskey's 4th grade played Ladybug LineUp
Mr. Higham's Class played the Ants in My Pants game,
the tic tac toe game and helped put the floor puzzles together.
Thanks to everyone who made our day very special!

We went to The Brandywine Zoo!
Thanks to all the chaperones who went along!
Some Zoo Trip Photos
Animals and Printouts    More Animal Photos

We made an easy to read book called, Our Zoo Trip.
The children voted on which animals to include and what the sentence
would say on each page. We had so much fun making it and reading it!

Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Kane, and Mr. Ferrante want to thank everyone
who helped to make Dinosaur Day a huge success!
Click here to see the photos of our exciting day!
(A high speed connection is highly recommended.)

Mr. Testa took photos of our museum trip.

We made an easy book about Mammals.
We practiced using picture clues to read the words we didn't know.

We made an easy book called Who Lives Here?
The word pattern is: A ____ lives in a ____.

Thank you to all the grandparents and special friends who
attended Grandparent's Day in Kindergarten!
The children were so excited to have you visit our classrooms.
Mrs. Jones' Classes Photos  Mrs. Kane's and Mr. Ferrante's Class Photos
A high speed connection is highly recommended!

Mr. Ferrante's class plays with Mrs. Jones' PM Class every Thursday.
Click here to see the photos.

Mrs. King is doing an experiment with a potato and the children's germs!
Photos of our Experiment

Thank you to Sean for the "chocolate" for "ch" Show and Tell!

Does your child own his/her own library card?
Visit The Ridley Park Library with your child to get one.

Turn Off Your TV Week is April 19-25. Read about it here.
For Family Homework this week from Sunday through Thursday:
Turn off your TV and video games and pick an activity from
Our Class List of Activities

Children who have the most difficulty focusing and paying attention
in school are also the heaviest TV-watchers. Read the report.

It snowed on April 4, 2004!
Check out the photos taken around Mrs. Jones' yard.

Check out the Karate Club Photo!

Easter Hats

Thank you to Mr. Testa, Mrs. Graeff, Mrs. Moyer, Mrs. Dettmann,
Mrs. George, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Trucksess and Mrs. Gesualdi
for going with us to the museum. We had a great time!

Check out the photos Mr. Testa took!

The five brightest planets are gathering in the evening sky
for a rare after-dark display in late March.
Read about it here.

Thank you to Sean for the "candy," to Vincent for the "cookies,"
and to Joey for the "crackers" for "Cc" Show and Tell!

Thank you to The Testas for supplying our room with paper towels!

Mrs. King made a small book about Kk Words in her group
and the kids loved that one of the words was "king!"

Thank you to Mrs. Loftus' Class for performing a Reader's Theatre skit
called Tacky the Penguin for our class!

Thank you to Amber for the St. Patrick's Day stickers for the PM Class!

Thanks to Gregory for the M&M's, thanks to Melanie for the Starbursts
and thank you to Vincent for the "kisses" for Kk Show and Tell!

Lakeview School's secretary, Mrs. DiVario, passed away on March 4.

Thank you to all the parents who sent in goodies for our Valentine party!
We enjoyed our special snack and treats!
We had fun exchanging valentines and playing Valentine Word Bingo, too!

Thank you to Mrs. Keeney for the fun visit at the Children's Library!
Story Time started at The Ridley Park Library!

Girl Scout Cookies go on sale Jan 15!
EMail Troop Leader Mrs. Petrancuri or call 610 532-1137
if you want to buy cookies from one of Lakeview's Girl Scout troops.

Ridley Park Business and Professional Association's
Valentine's Day Raffle
Buy a ticket downtown for the raffle to be held on Wed Feb 11
to raise funds for its numerous community events!

Lakeview Family Ice Skating at Ice Works
Sun Feb 8 from 2 - 4pm Cost: $5.50 per person
Skate rental is $2 or you may bring your own ice skates.
Mention that you and your guests are from Lakeview School
and our Home & School Assoc earns $1.50 each!

The children really enjoyed hearing the story The Mitten by Jan Brett!
There are lots of printables to go along with the story at her website.
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Mrs. Noon's last day in Kindergarten was Tues, Dec 23!
She helped us so much and we will miss her tremendously!!

What present did you receive that is your favorite?

On Dec 24 The Daily Times listed our names for our donation
to The Salvation Army's Merry Christmas Fund!
Mrs. Jones' Class     Mrs. Kane's Class

Lakeview Night at the Boys' Basketball Game was on Sat, Jan 17 at *7:00pm*
at the new high school. Mr. D'Orazio was the announcer for the game!!
Lakeview students had free admission to the game but had to be
accompanied by an adult. Adults cost $4. Non-Lakeview students cost $2.

Lakeview Tree Ornaments are still on sale in the office.
They are $11. Make checks payable to Lakeview H & S.

Mrs. Jones saw Lauren at The Dollar Store in Holmes!
Mrs. Jones saw Brendan at The Dollar Store in Marple!

Parents: Ridley Park Borough intends to adopt a 1% earned income tax on
residents and those who work in the borough.
Click here for more info!     Is it a "done deal" already?
At the Dec 22 meeting the EIT was not adopted! Your voices were heard!

Grandparent's Day Photos

We made a book called My Shape Book in Mrs. King's group.
See if your child can name all of the shapes!

We celebrated Mrs. King's birthday on Thursday with an ice cream treat!
Happy Birthday Mrs. King!

In our Time for Kids newspaper we circled "cats" and "dogs."
Did your child find them all?

Kindergarten Cooks Turkey

Here are the things we like that begin with
the sound of the letter that starts our first name.
What I Like

We had so much fun making a Nature Collage from our Fall Walk Collections.
Then we picked one leaf and did some experiments with it.
Ask your child to share his/her book My Leaf with you.
See how many pennies it took to sink his/her leaf!

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Moyer, Mrs. Dettmann, Mrs. Kelley and Mrs. Harshaw
for planning and organizing our Halloween parties
and to the parents who baked or made donations.
The kids had a great time and loved all their treats!

Here are the photos from our Halloween Parties.
A high speed connection is highly recommended!

There was a squirrel on the loose in school on Friday.
Thanks to Mr. Testa for escorting it out of the building!

Thanks to Sean for giving every child a "nickel" for Nn Show and Tell!

October:   Myself, I am Special   Fall   Halloween
Fire Safety and Trip to the Fire House   Bats   

Thank you to Sean and his mom for making the witch "hats" for Hh Show and Tell!

Parents took their child's decorated "Book Treasure Box" home
on Back-to-School Night. Our first book, My Color Book, was inside.

We made a book about what we saw at the firehouse.
Each child will get a chance to take it home to read.
Please return it the next day so someone else can have a turn.

Here's what we liked or saw at the fire house:
Mrs. Jones' Classes  Mrs. Kane's Class

Mrs. King caught a praying mantis resting on a game box in our classroom.
When we looked at him up close he was missing his 2 right back feet!

Ms. Grace, our school nurse, put fake germs on our hands and made them glow
in the dark under a special light. Then she showed us how to wash our hands
and used the light again to show us if we washed off all the germs!

Once again, thanks to The Testas for the paper towels for our classes!

Buggy Monday
Mrs. Jones caught the grasshopper the PM Class found.
It was the one back legged one we caught and released over a week ago!
Then Mrs. King caught a praying mantis for the class to look at up close!!

We went to the Ridley Park Fire House during class time:
Tues 10/7 - Mrs. Jones' PM Class and Mr. Ferrante's Class
Thurs 10/9 - Mrs. Jones' AM Class and Mrs. Kane's Class

Please join your Lakeview neighbors on Wednesday, October 8th
for National Walk to School Day.
As a result of our participation last year, 15mph flashing school zone lights
were installed on West Ridley Ave for our children's safety!

Mrs. Jones saw many former students at the
Ridley - Penncrest football game on Saturday night!

Mr. Testa found a cicada and gave it to our class to check out!
Mrs. King caught a grasshopper on our window to show to the classes.

It was nice to see so many parents at Back-To-School Night!
Here's our curriculum online.

Mrs. Trucksess found a grasshopper on our wall just before school.
Mrs. Jones caught it so we could see it up close. It only had one back leg!

Find out about our classes!
Mrs. Jones' AM Class   Mrs. Jones' PM Class   Mrs. Kane's AM Class

Our Specials Schedule
Mrs. Jones' Classes
Mon - Gym
Tues - Gym
Thurs - Library
Fri - Music and
Show and Tell
Mrs. Kane's Class
Mon - Gym
Wed - Library
Thurs - Music
Fri - Gym and
Show and Tell

Mrs. Jones'
AM Class List
Mrs. Jones'
PM Class List
Mrs. Kane's
AM Class List

Kindergarten Program and Lakeview School Info

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Moyer for the extra fan to use in our classroom.
One of our fans quit working on Thursday. Anyone have one we can borrow?

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Testa for supplying our room with paper towels!

Help Your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten

Practice skills over the summer.

Supply List

Kindergarten Orientation will be held on Thurs, August 28, 2003.
During the summer you will receive a letter telling you which session
and teacher your child will have. We will meet in the Gym Room.
Morning Orientation 9:30 am     Afternoon Orientation 1:30 pm
A Parent and the Kindergartner should attend the meeting.

The screenings for Kindergarten take place in May.
New students will be screened Wed, Aug 27.
Call the Lakeview Office for an appointment. 610-534-1900 ext. 1444

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