Our Kindergarten Curriculum

Books and stories are an important part of our curriculum. We read many books for each theme and make them available to the children to enjoy during "Book Time." We learn about, look at and read a variety of books during "Reader's Workshop." We make, read and take home easy-to-read books so we can practice reading at home. We also have over a thousand books in our classroom library for the children to choose from to take home and read as their "Buddy Book" every night.

2010 - 2011 Ridley School District Kindergarten

We will focus on Lakeview's Lifeskills all year long. The new Lifeskill of the Week is announced at the 8:40 Monday Morning Celebration when the whole school assembles in the gym room to start our week.

New in 04-05 - FOSS Kit: Trees
We will observe the changes in the trees next to the Kdg Terrace and across the street at the lake all year long. If you walk to school or while you are waiting on the terrace, ask your child what changes he/she notices through the seasons. Look for leaf changes, nests, moss, seeds, holes, bark, animals, insects, birds, feathers or anything that sparks interest.


New in 09-10 FOSS Animals 2 by 2
We will learn about goldfish and guppies, land snails and water snails,
redworms and night crawlers, and sow bugs and pill bugs!


New in 08-09 Social Studies Alive!

Chap 1 Who Am I?
I am special.
I can do many things.

Chap 2 What is a family?
A family cares for one another.
A family is special.

Chap 3 How Do I Get Along With Others?
I talk, listen and take turns.
I make good choices.

Chap 4 How Do I Make Friends?
I introduce myself.
I share. I am kind.

Chap 5 How Do I Solve Problems With Others?
I stop and calm down.
I think of ways to solve the problem.

Chap 6 How Can I Be a Good Helper at School?
I take care of things.
I do my work.

Chap 7 What is in my Neighborhood?
My neighborhood has buildings and outdoor places.
My neighborhood has people.

Chap 8 Where Am I in the World?
I live in a city or town.
I live in a state and a country.

Chap 9 How Do People Live Around the World?
People talk and learn.
People eat and play.

Chap 10 How Can I Take Care of the World?
I can recycle, reuse and reduce.
I can make the world a better place.

Writing - We are implementing a systematic program called Kid Writing. Click here for "Kid Writing" Teaching Tips for Parents and Helpers adapted by Mrs. King

Handwriting - We are using a program by Jan Z. Olsen called Handwriting Without Tears.
Print this alphabet to see how your child should practice forming the letters at home.

Math - We are using a Math program called Everyday Mathematics, The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project. We play games to learn many skills. We will be using manipulatives such as pattern blocks, unifix cubes, wooden blocks and a variety of items for sorting. We will also be counting, making and reading graphs, copying and making patterns, comparing, classifying, labeling, and adding and subtracting. Every week you will receive a Family Letter with a math activity to try at home with your child. Here are some Math Resources and other Math websites for young children on the internet.

Touchstone Texts
The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown
William's Doll by Charlotte Zolotow
Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman
Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

Gym - Mr. Small is our gym teacher. Your child should wear sneakers. Dark or stone colored sweat pants may be worn on gym days.

In September 2004, Music Class was cut from all half day Kindergarten programs in Ridley School District. In September 2006, Kdg had Music with Mrs. Boettcher. Music in 07-08, 08-09, 09-10, and 10-11 is every other week.

Library - Both of Mrs. Jones' Classes visit the library on _______. Mrs. Kane's Class goes on ______. The children choose their own book to check out to take home. They must follow all the library rules, including paying a fine if the book is returned after the due date or paying for a lost or damaged book. A permission slip is required in Kindergarten before children can check out a book from Lakeview's Library for the first time.

This is a tentative schedule for our studies:

September: Lifeskills   Classroom Routines and Procedures
Myself, I am Special   School Friends   Colors and Shapes

October: Fire Safety and Visit from the Ridley Park Fire Dept.
Trees in the Fall         Bats

November: Continue Trees in the Fall
Grandparent's Day Nov 24, 2010     Lifeskills at Thanksgiving

December:   Trees in the Winter and Evergreen Trees
Conferences     Lifeskills during Holiday Activities

January: Lifeskills   Classroom Routines and Procedures
Continue Trees in the Winter    Winter Weather

February: Birds   Valentine's Day   Bears

March:   Dr. Seuss Books     Conferences    Dinosaurs

April:   Trees in the Spring
Lifeskills   Classroom Routines and Procedures
Dinosaur Day - tentatively Wed, April 13, 2011

May:   Zoo Animals   Mother's Day   Trip to the Zoo

June:   Summer and Vacation Plans

Our Small Group Learning Time

Three times a week in each class we have our small group time. For an hour your child will spend 20 minutes with the classroom teacher, 20 minutes with the instructional aide, and finally 20 minutes with the reading specialist. We will be doing activities that reinforce The Letter and Sound of the Week, Word of the Week, handwriting, phonemic awareness, math concepts, concepts from our thematic units and journal writing.

We follow the Standards developed by The PA Dept of Education.

Parent Helpers

A note from Mrs. Jones: Please do not wear PERFUME, BODY LOTION, HAIR SPRAY or ANY FRAGRANCE in our classroom. I am extremely allergic to many scents which cause me to have an asthma attack.

We would love to have a parent helper on the days when we don't have our hourly small group time. A sign up sheet will be passed around by a homeroom parent before and after school at the end of the month. If you have a day off from work and would like to come in to help, but haven't signed up for a date, please send me a note or Email so we can work something out. Since we can only have parent helpers twice a week, we are counting on your help. If you can't make it on the day you signed up for, please notify the homeroom parent so she can try to find someone to take your place.

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