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Are you looking for a summer program for your child?
There is a Kindergarten Readiness Program for students entering Kdg.
Students entering 1st grade can attend the Summer Steps Program.
Elementary Summer Opportunities

Click here for Zoo Trip Photos
Check out some of the animals we saw at the zoo.

After a dry day at the zoo
we had a thunderstorm followed by sunshine.

Mr. Stumm's Fourth Grade Class invited us to come see the baby chicks!
AM Class Visit     Check out the photos!     PM Class Visit

We saw a tiny hummingbird egg when we went to the Museum.
Click here to see some amazing hummingbird photos
that show the growth from egg to when they leave the nest.
There are 6 pages so be sure to click "next page" at the bottom.

Spring has arrived in Mrs. Jones' yard!

National Turn Off Your TV Week is April 24 to 30, 2006!
Family Homework Challenge:
What can you do instead of watching TV or playing video games?
Need Ideas? Visual List of Activities   More Activities

Check out the Class Picture taken with Timmy's camera.

Hear the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears read to you online.
Links to Online Stories to Practice Reading

Dinosaur Day
Thank you to all the parents and grandparents for your help.
The children loved playing with you all day!
Check out the photos!
Mrs. Brooks posted her Dinosaur Day Photos.

Find out all about our baby teeth!
AM Class    PM Class

Click here to find out what Roscoe found in our woods!

We read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
then we talked about our favorite food and the food we don't like to eat.
AM Class   PM Class

We had a great time at the Delaware Museum!
Museum Photos
Mrs. Bonner shared her photos from the trip. Click here.

Valentine's Day was so much fun!
AM Photos   PM Photos

Flashlight Day was very exciting!
Check out the photos of our group activities.

"Hot chocolate" has been popping up in conversation lately.

Some "Before and After" the Big Snow Photos
Snow at Lakeview School on 12/06/05
 The First Snow on 12/04/05 

Santa Came to Visit Kindergarten!

Dr. White read The Polar Express to Kindergarten
then gave each child a jingle bell necklace!
Check out the photos.
Look at our Christmas Trees hanging in our windows, too!

The Lakeview School community collected new hats,
gloves and mittens for needy families in the Ridley area.
Thank you to Kdg for your contributions!

We enjoyed having our Grandparents and Special Friends visit on Wed!
Thanks to Mrs. Savinese, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Wesolek, Mrs. Miller
and Mrs. Behrle for getting the refreshments ready for our guests!
Thanks to Mrs. King for leading the songs and "The Turkey Pokey"
and for helping the children make the gifts for our Grandparents!

Kindergarten tells how to make Thanksgiving Dinner!
Mrs. Jones' AM Class   Mrs. Jones' PM Class   Mrs. Kane's Class

Make some Thanksgiving Crafts.

Thanks to Emmy in the AM Class and to Sara M. in the PM Class
for being the "Teacher" in Mrs. Jones' Group on Monday, 11/14!

Thanks to Mrs. Johnson for helping with our AM groups on Monday, 11/7.
Thank you to Mrs. Noon for helping with our groups in the PM!

Thank you to Mrs. Palandro for helping in our class all morning and
thanks to Mrs. Noon for helping with our groups on Friday, 11/4!
Thanks to Violet and Sara for getting everyone to sign Jim's birthday card!

The Halloween parties were awesome!
Thanks for all your generous party contributions!
Thanks to our Homeroom Parents for the fun games, activities and food!
Emmy said, "This is the best Halloween I ever had!"
Everyone had a great time!

The Ridley Park Fire Department visited our classes
and showed us their gear and some of their firetruck equipment.
Thank you to Fire Fighter Brian for bringing the Fire Safety Program to us!

Find out all about us!
Mrs. Jones' AM Class   Mrs. Jones' PM Class   Mrs. Kane's Class

Mrs. Brooks discovered that Kindergarten Likes Letters!
Morning Class    Afternoon Class

Look at the visitor we had in our classroom on Wednesday!

Lakeview has 2 nurses! Ms. Grace and Mrs. Hanlon
Ms. Grace came to our classroom on Friday and read
The School Nurse From the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler.
Then she took us on a tour of the health office
to show us it is nothing like the boy imagines in the story!

Thanks to our school nurse, Ms. Grace,
Lakeview School was awarded $1,000 to help fund "Fitness Friday!"

Printable forms are now online!
If you have any questions you can EMail Mrs. Jones at home.

Mrs. Jones'
AM Class List
Mrs. Jones'
PM Class List
Mrs. Kane's
AM Class List

Kindergarten Program and Lakeview School Info

Did your child do his/her Summer Reading?

Help Your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten

Mrs. Whitehead's Summer Suggestions
What Can Families Do to Keep Children Reading During the Summer?
Motivating Students to Read Over the Summer

Practice skills over the summer.

Supply List

Kindergarten Orientation will be held on Thurs, September 1, 2005.
During the summer you will receive a letter telling you which session
and teacher your child will have. We will meet in the Gym Room.
Morning Orientation 9:30 am     Afternoon Orientation 1:30 pm
A Parent and the Kindergartner should attend the meeting.

The screenings for Kindergarten take place in May.
New students will be screened Wed, August 31.
Call the Lakeview Office for an appointment.
610-534-1900 ext. 1444

Kindergarten Registration
If you have a child who will be five years old by September 30, 2005,
please call Lakeview School to request a registration packet.
610-534-1900 ext 1444

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