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After 40 years of teaching Kdg Mrs. Jones retired on Aug 28, 2015.

Check this interactive weather map!

Starfall Online Word Games and Interactive Books
Play rhyming games and read books that teach decoding skills,
phonics, phonemic awareness (sounds in words), and comprehension.
Print your own books or read books and play with words online!
Click on Download eBooks + Audio Books at the top for grownup books.
Click on TumbleBooks eBooks for eKids.

Practice reading online anytime!
You'll love the non-fiction books! I couldn't resist reading about the owl, the fox and The Little Pink Pup.
Editor's Picks are free for anyone to read, anytime, anywhere, and on any device - without login!

Stop by your local Library!
Search the Online Card Catalog
of the Public Libraries in Delaware County.

Online and Printable Math Activities

Fine Motor Control and Writing Activities
200+ Fine Motor Activities

Social Stories and Social Scripts
Practice what to say and do in many social situations!

Mrs. Jones loves bats!
"The more people know about bats the more they'll care about them."
White Nose Syndrome is wiping out colonies of bats in the NorthEast!
Read about it here and more sad news in the Poconos!

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Do the right thing. Treat people right.
Life Skills and Guidelines
Learning classroom routines and procedures
makes it fun to work together!
Printable List of Life Skills
Lifeskill Nursery Rhymes
Character Education Ideas

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Reading in Kindergarten

Why Your Child Should Read for 20 minutes Every Day
Help Your Child - Free Reading Rocket Videos Online
US Dept of Education: Helping Your Child Become a Reader

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Mrs. Brooks
Mrs. Brooks' Reading Tips
Mrs. Whitehead's Punctuation Song
    The Best of Luck to Mr. Twaddell and Miss Cox as they enjoy their retirement!

Mrs. Whitehead

Get Ready to Read: Screening Tool   How Your Child Learns
Early Literacy Development   Help Your Child's Brain Develop
Do you want to grow a reader?   Raising a Reader
Parents as Partners: Helping Your Child Learn to Read and Write
Teaching Our Youngest   Helping Your Child Series
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Meet Mrs. Jones' Pets
Pompay   and   Roscoe

Spring Flowers in Mrs. Jones' Yard

Mrs. Jones and Señora Feller have fun adventures together!
Atlantic City and Walking with Dinosaurs
Philly Zoo and Franklin Institute

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What time is it?
What was happening on the day you were born?
Today in History
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Why is Play Important?
Print a book to read.   Play a game online.   Sing a Song
Making Learning Fun Activities
Learn a New Skill   A Game a Day   Spirograph
The Book of Stuff to Do Outside

Fun Printable Kindergarten Activities
Computer Activities: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math and Spanish

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Learning Games   Kdg Activities   Educational Activities

Grownups! Exercise your brain!
Rice is donated through the United Nations for each word you get right.

Do you like to play scrabble?
Try playing Lexulous online or with a friend through EMail!

In an emergency, knowing what to do is your best defense.
ReadyPA provides guides and checklists to prepare for 10 emergencies.

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